Learn More About Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to help brands and retailers streamline their supply chain operations and efficiently source apparel products. The best services may vary depending on your specific needs, but here valuable services that FILLERBD commonly offered:


Supplier Identification and Evaluation

Sourcing companies can identify and assess potential suppliers based on your criteria, including cost, quality, capacity, and ethical practices.


Product Development

They can assist in developing new apparel products by providing design, prototyping, and sample production services.


Material Sourcing

These companies help you find the right fabrics, trims, and materials for your apparel, ensuring they meet quality and cost requirements.


Quality Control and Inspection

Quality control services involve on-site inspections of production facilities to ensure products meet your quality standards before shipment.


Production Management

Sourcing companies can oversee the entire production process, from order placement to final delivery, ensuring production schedules are met.


Cost Negotiation and Management

They can help negotiate favorable pricing and terms with suppliers, helping you achieve cost savings.


Logistics and Shipping

Sourcing companies assist in coordinating shipping and logistics, including customs clearance, to ensure timely delivery of goods.


Ethical and Compliance Audits

Ensuring that your suppliers adhere to ethical and social compliance standards is crucial; sourcing companies can conduct audits to assess and improve supplier compliance.


Inventory Management

They can help you manage and optimize your inventory levels to prevent overstock or stockouts.


Market Research and Trends Analysis

Keeping you informed about the latest market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive insights can help you make informed decisions about your product lineup.